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    Limited Liability partnership registration service in delhi

    Limited Liability Partnership registration Service

    Limited Liability Partnership Registration in India has become a usual of incorporation for your business which provides the maximum precedence over other forms of incorporation and the major featuring is the converting of a partnership firm into a corporate identification number firm in India.

    The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 was enacted by the Parliament of India to introduce and legally allow the concept of Limited Liability Partnership, a type of company, in India. Unlike the general partnerships in India, LLP is a body corporate and legal entity separate from its partners, have perpetual succession (deathless succession) and any change in the partners of an LLP shall not affect the existence, rights, or liabilities of the LLP.

    Advantages of Limited Liability Partnership registration in India

    There are several advantages for incorporation of LLP in India over Private Limited Company incorporation. LLPs are considered to be easier to set up and flexible forms of business.

    Lesser cost of registration: The cost of adding in the records of MCA as an LLP in India is relatively lower than that of incorporating a public limited company or a private limited company.

    Minimum contribution as with Rupee One: As an LLP can be formed with the minimum capital as you and other partners of the LLP wish.

    No limits on the owners of the business: An LLP requires a minimum of 2 designated partners but there is no such upper limit on the maximum number of partners as compared with 200 members compulsion under incorporation of Private Limited Company (it is also a separate legal entity/business structure in term of law).

    Compulsory Audit above certain limits: In the case of Public or Private registered companies then in such cases, proper and compulsory audit with no documents is required. But in the case of LLPs, there is no such compulsory requirement and this is assumed to be one of the significant compliance benefits of forming an LLP. A Limited liability company is supposed to get its audit done only in two cases.

    When the contribution of LLPs exceeds over Rs. 25 lakhs.
    When the annual turnover of LLPs exceeds over Rs. 40 lakhs.

    Document/Details required to register an LLP in India

    1. Photo; PAN or Passport if the applicant is a foreigner – In case of partner/designated partner.
    2. Aadhar card / Election ID card or any other identity proof issued by the government – In case of partner/designated partner
    3. Current month updated bank statement or latest electricity bill – In case of partner/designated partner
    4. The authorization from the landlord in case of business premises is rented/leased (it is the must-have name of the same landlord in the Electricity bill or Gas bills or Property Tax receipt or sale deed) to use the premises as a registered office and sometimes NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Landlord is required.
    5. Capital introduced by every partner in the LLP in form of contribution.

    Chronology to register LLP in India.

    An LLP can have a license by following the due procedure which is detailed as;

    • Select a desirable and unique name for registering LLP. (only unique name either it is not registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) or Trademark Registry)
    • After approval of the name then the procedure for filing incorporation documents for LLP starts. (Reservation of LLP name is allowed for 60 days only after name approval in prescribed format)
    • Applying for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for all the designated partners.
    • After installing DSC into the device then prepare the Form FiLLiP after having read of form kit.
    • Submit the Form FiLLiP after all necessary documentation and details.
    • After 2-3 days the approval for the same will have.
    • The status of LLP can be checked through the respective portal.
    • Certificate of Incorporation will have to your registered email as well as can be downloaded from the portal.
    • After the incorporation certificate, it is liable on the part of the firm to file an LLP agreement within the next 30 days of the incorporation certificate.
    • The LLP agreement filing is the last step to fully running the business through LLP.

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    1. A firm can also get registered itself with Trademarks Registry for the protection of business in terms of its brand value in the market.
    2. The whole procedure for registering LLP can take one week to two weeks if the procedure gets continued.