Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration Service in Delhi

  • Get Registration Certification of GST, MSME and Shop & Establishment.
  • Register your proprietorship concern online.
  • Complete online process.
  • Processing time 10 – 14 days.

    Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration service

    Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration service in delhi

    Sole proprietorship company registration service in delhi is the best service given by us to our clients. We value our client’s time so we just take 10-14 days as the processing time. But first, let us see what the words Sole Proprietorship actually means.  “Sole Proprietorship” clearly indicates that ‘Sole’ means Single / One / Only / Self and the other word ‘Proprietorship’ means business activity or entrepreneurship, which collectively makes a definition for Sole Proprietorship like doing business activities under the shadow of a single person. The meaning of sole proprietorship is not defined or detailed in any laws of India specifically. Sole Proprietorship is different from Private Limited company. A sole proprietorship is a type of business entity. Filing Pool is one of the best sole proprietorship firm registration in delhi.

    Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration service
    1. The business activities under the sole proprietorship registration company in delhi can be started in many ways like;
    2. Getting registered owned identities under the Goods and Service Tax Act (GST).
    3. Registration under the norms of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) regulated by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India.
    4. Registration under Shop and Establishment under the mechanism of State Govt.
    5. And, as another way as Concerned Authorities allow to registering with them as Sole Proprietorship Firm.

    Looking for sole proprietorship ?
    So Filing Pool gives you the Best Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration service in delhi

    Here are some benefits of sole Proprietorship firm.

    • It is very easy to start without intimation to any authority for running their business except those where there is a mandatory requirement of license for the products but not for the status of the firm.
    • Independent existence means that it has no legal status which means the burden is limited up to own.
    • No certificate or no renewal of any license.
    • No annual compliance intimation to any authority.
    • Not to declare anybody what to have been invested.
    • Saving of money due to lesser compliance as required in other cases.
    • Liberty from maintaining accounting records up to a limit.
    • Taxation benefits and rebates.
    • Easy access to opening current bank accounts.
    • It is very easy to convert into another legal identity status at a later stage.
    • There is no separation between Sole proprietorship and Sole Proprietor

    The procedure of a Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration?

    In India, proprietorships gain legal recognition through various tax registrations and legal compliances instead of a direct registration process. Here’s how you can legally establish a proprietorship in New Delhi:

    • Firstly, do apply for PAN. (If you already have PAN then it is not required.)
    • The very next step is to select the name of the business. (preferable must be unique in all senses)
    • After then, you need to open a current bank account under the name of the firm.
    • You may need to register yourself under the different schemes of Central or State Governments as required like MSME Registration, Shop and Establishment Registration, Import export code registration,
    • FSSAI Registration, and other projects though it is not mandatory it is beneficial to be registered under the same.
    • You can also register for GST if your turnover exceeds Rs.40 lakhs.


    Who Should Consider sole Proprietorship Registration?

    Sole proprietorship registration is suitable for various types of individuals and businesses. Here are some groups who should consider this form of business structure:

    1. Individuals offering professional services, such as graphic designers, writers, photographers, consultants, and developers.
    2. Entrepreneurs starting small retail shops, cafes, online stores, or local service businesses like cleaning, landscaping, and tutoring.
    3. People running businesses from their homes, such as homemade crafts, baking, or home daycare services.
    4. Individuals earning additional income through side gigs, such as part-time tutoring, event planning, or personal training.
    5. Workers in fields like construction, IT, or delivery services who are hired on a contract basis rather than as employees.
    6. Those starting businesses with minimal financial or legal risks, where personal liability is less of a concern.
    7. Entrepreneurs who want a straightforward setup and minimal regulatory requirements, avoiding the complexities of corporations or partnerships.
    8. Individuals new to entrepreneurship who want to test their business idea without committing to a more complex business structure.

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    Fundamental Steps to Establish a Proprietorship

    • Choose a Unique Business Name: Ensure the name complies with local regulations and is not already in use.
    • Open a Business Bank Account:Set up a dedicated bank account for your business transactions.
    • Register under the Shops and Establishment Act (if applicable):This is crucial for aligning with local labor laws and business regulations.
    • Comply with Relevant Tax Laws:This includes filing income tax returns and adhering to GST regulations if applicable.

    Key Compliance Checklist for Sole Proprietorship

    After setting up your Sole proprietorship, you need to maintain several compliance obligations to keep your business in good standing:

    1. Income Tax Filing: File annual income tax returns using forms ITR-3 or ITR-4, depending on your business income.
    2. GST Compliance: If registered under GST, file regular GST returns detailing sales, purchases, and tax liabilities.
    3. TDS Compliance:If your business deducts tax at source, file quarterly TDS returns detailing the tax deducted from payments to employees and other parties.
    4. Professional Tax Registration:Depending on state laws, you might need to register for Professional Tax and comply with its periodic filings.

    Time Required to Register a Sole Proprietorship

    The process of registering a sole proprietorship typically takes around 5 to 10 working days in New Delhi. This timeframe encompasses various steps such as obtaining necessary licenses, tax registrations, and approvals from local authorities. The duration may vary depending on factors like the completeness of documentation, the workload of the registering authorities, and any additional scrutiny required for specific types of businesses. Efficient preparation of all required documents and prompt submission of applications can help expedite the registration process. However, it’s important to anticipate potential delays and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth and timely registration of the sole proprietorship.

    Necessary Documents for sole proprietorship registration

    Following are the document for your Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration in delhi:
    • Photograph of the concerned person
    • PAN of the concerned person
    • Aadhaar of the concerned person
    • Firm location proof like Property Tax Receipt, Rent Agreement, Sale Deed, Lease Deed, Agreement to Sell, or others. (NOC is a must in case of property rented/leased)
    • Utility bill (Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill) of firm location place.

    Tips to Expedite the Process

    • Ensure Complete Documentation: Have all necessary documents ready before starting the application process.
    • Follow Up Regularly: Stay in touch with the authorities or service providers to track the progress of your applications.
    • Seek Professional Help: Consider hiring services like Filing Pool to help streamline the process and avoid common pitfalls.

    Sole Proprietorship Registration company in delhi

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    Sole Proprietorship Registration in delhi

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Proprietorship is unregistered entity which is managed by single person and there is no separate legal entity in case of Proprietorship. If you have any inquiries about Sole Proprietorship Registration in delhi, feel free to call on the given contact number i.e.8299202501.

    There is no minimum capital requirement to start a Proprietorship firm
    There are different licenses required depend upon location and industry such as Shop Establishment, Trade License, GST, Udyam, FSSAI, Import Export Code,

    No Proprietorship Cant use Private Limited in their name

    a) Less Costing :- If we’re talking about a service-based business, service tax registration makes it simple to launch one with less
    than 5000 Rupees.When discussing a product-based business, the sort of tax registration or licence, such as a VAT/CST or Shop Act Licence, is important.

    b) Less Compliance :- Simply file your individual income tax return in July, at the end of the year. You must manage the company’s
    fundamental invoices for income and expenses.

    c) Less Income Tax :-When your yearly real income totals more than 2.5 lac INR, you are required to pay income tax to the government. Therefore, it offers you tax benefits based on a slab.

    The ITR-3 and ITR-4 forms need to be filled out in order to register.