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    Private limited company registration

    Private Limited Company Registration services in Delhi, India

    Private Limited Company Registration should be done well before on time. A Private Limited Company is a very common way to run your business in India. Basically, It is a Separate Legal Entity that does not have the right to publicly trade its shares in the stock exchanges. At least 2 members are required to register a Private Limited Company in India but a maximum of 200 shareholders. A Private Limited Company across the nation is managed and registered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under the Companies Act, 2013. Filing pool has one of the Best Private Limited Company Registration Services in Delhi.

    Private company

    Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

    1. Legal entity: It is counted as a Legal Entity in the eyes of law which has real existence
    2. Perpetual succession – it means no end i.e. everlasting.
    3. Limited Liability – The liability of the members with reference to the company’s debts is limited which means limited to the face value of the share purchased by them.
    4. Shares Transferability – the share of the company can be transferred to another person at ease. A signed copy of the share certificate would be handed over to the buyer of shares along with share certification.
      Fund Raising – A registered private limited company can raise funds in different classifications of funds from Angel Investors, Private Equity Firms, and others.
    5. Borrowing – Companies having the benefit of borrowing funds. They have the capacity to issue and accept debentures from the public. The company invites the attraction of banking or other financial institutions too, to render larger financial assistance

    Documentation Required

    1. PAN copy of every person.
    2. Aadhar copy of every person.
    3. Photographs of every person.
    4. Business place proof – either rented or owned
    5. In case of owned then Property Tax Receipt/Electricity Bill.
    6. In case of rented then Rent Agreement and NOC form Landlord along with Electricity Bill under the name of the owner.

    Documents required after Private Limited company Registration

    1. Digital Signature of every director.
    2. DIN for every director.
    3. Name search analytics.
    4. Main object assistance.
    5. Drafting of MOA and AOA
    6. Stamp Duty online.
    7. PAN Card of the company.
    8. Certificate of Incorporation of the company.
    9. TAN
    10. EPFO and ESIC (Provisionally)
    11. Bank Accounts (Auto Selection)
    12. MOA and AOA

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are a few similarities as well as a few differences between the Private Limited Company registration and Limited Liability Partnership registration.

    If you want external funding and are aiming for expansion and focusing on good revenue, a Private Limited Company registration is a good-to-go choice.

    While in case you are more than one person who wishes to start the business together with limited liability then Limited Liability Partnership is for you.

    Shareholders” Yes!

    Private limited companies are owned by one or more individuals or Corporate who are known as Shareholders.

    Private Limited companies limit owner liability to their shares

    No! it is said that one person cannot hold 100% share of a Company. Therefore, it is required that there should be more than one shareholder in a Private Limited Company.

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